Perform and track permit and inspection tasks with ease using flexible, user-friendly software.

Manage It All

Every Building Department is trying to do more with less. It’s the reality of your job and what CommunityCore is designed to solve. Now, you have the power to easily manage a permit from application to completion with a simple, but robust software that truly anyone can use.

With CommunityCore, you can:

  • Collect only the information you need for each type of permit application
  • View all activity at an address, including permits and code compliance cases
  • Quickly find a permit, case, or property using simple search fields
  • Manage business and contractor licenses
  • See the data you need in an easy to read graphic display
Designed for usability, the dashboard shows you all work assigned to a specific user at a glance. It also displays information, like number of active permits or permits in a particular status, for any jurisdiction.

CommunityCore gets you to the information and tools you need in fewer clicks and with fewer steps, making this the best way to manage all of your permitting, from the smallest jobs to the largest projects.

Let us get you up and running.

See for yourself how much better your permitting can be.